Rainy Day

It rained all weekend. Luckily for me, Poppy came to stay and kept me amused.


All she needed was some craft materials, and I just had to follow instructions.


Carefully, no wandering off to do boring things like cooking or tidying up.


This sort of work requires close attention.


Careful penmanship.


And excellent company.


A small sample of our work. Apparently they are octopus, or octopi, as I was informed by my new teacher.


No one in our household was exempt from trying on the results. Thanks for a fun weekend Poppy!

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'Catching the moment' is a way of life, like 'living in the moment', which has become important for me in recent years. Not easy to achieve, but always worth striving for. My photographs are just one example of how I try to do this. This blog is all about catching a moment in time, and sharing it with anyone who is interested.

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