Walking on the Ocean Floor

Because of the interesting tides along the Bay of Fundy, you can walk on the Ocean floor if you get your timing right.


You have to keep remembering that, a few hours ago, where you are walking was deep sea. Deep enough for a whale to swim in.


So, with every low tide there are new arrangements on that ocean floor.


If you look long enough you will see things alive and moving.


Ancient granite rocks. This one has made itself a heart.


A geologist’s dream I imagine.


This green was an excellent contrast to the red sand.


What an experience!


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'Catching the moment' is a way of life, like 'living in the moment', which has become important for me in recent years. Not easy to achieve, but always worth striving for. My photographs are just one example of how I try to do this. This blog is all about catching a moment in time, and sharing it with anyone who is interested.

One thought on “Walking on the Ocean Floor”

  1. What fabby photos – way better than anything we took. It was such a good trip and now we have all been to one of the wonders of the world!! xxxx

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