It’s just three years now since my youngest sister Laurel died.  I had an idea about making a garden in her memory, and made a start the following spring. My planting skills were lacking as of flower bed of sorts emerged, but it never felt right. This year, I have had some special help from my gardening expert Crystal, who really understood what I wanted.

Time was spent moving what existed into a holding bed, then the soil was prepared, a proper wall built by another expert who really got what I wanted, that’s Chuck, and his team who built the dry stone wall.

Now it’s planted and looking full of promise for next year:

Laurels August 9 2010-324 (2014_07_11 05_46_12 UTC)

A happy memory of Laurel surrounded by flowers, her daughter Jessica and furry/wooly friends.


Her garden is in a shady, peaceful spot, with a bench for me to sit with the cats.


Our last job is to make a path through the middle, which is marked with red rope for now.


The colours are just right.


I love the morning light on the Lily of the Valley


It’s now a good space, which will gradually fill with our plantings.


I’m very pleased with this oak leafed hydrangea


The vegetable patch opposite her garden is also part of it, as she loved good veg.


This feels like a positive way to remember someone who would probably have liked her garden over here.

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  1. What a wonderful way to remember her by creating something that is living and growing and changing, and making something that she would have loved. Enjoy sitting on the bench and feeling connected. xxx

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