Honfleur Days

A brief road trip to Honfleur, situated in a valley between the Seine estuary and the plateau of Pays d’Auge, was like a little piece of heaven.


The Vieux Bassin is where the yachts are parked, while their people stop for dinner.


Rows of tables compete with one another, and the food is wonderful.


Simple and fresh. Why does everything taste so good in France?


The little cobbled streets around the harbour are full of delicious temptations.


I badly wanted that pink handbag, but resisted.


The shop fronts are all designed, and lure you in.


Even tins of tuna fish look attractive.


We are in the heart of Calvados country.


Window boxes are crammed full.


Remember to look up.


It all looks so stylish.


This bell tower is part of St Catherine’s, the largest wooden church in France. The rest of the building is across the road.


Parts of the facade of St Leonard’s church dates back to the 15th and beginning of the 16th centuries.


Everywhere is an invitation for a stop. But this time, I need coffee.


Nothing tastes as good as a double expresso right here in Honfleur.

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'Catching the moment' is a way of life, like 'living in the moment', which has become important for me in recent years. Not easy to achieve, but always worth striving for. My photographs are just one example of how I try to do this. This blog is all about catching a moment in time, and sharing it with anyone who is interested.

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  1. You have really caught how the French have such style. I loved the close up of the tins and the wire chair. The colours are all so crisp and clear. Just give me a cup of that lovely coffee. Well done.

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