A 17th Century Garden

A visit to Levens Hall Gardens was like walking round an art or sculpture gallery. The topiary has over 100 shaped Yew trees.


Some of these bushes are 300 years old, and have remained the same since planting in the 1690’s.


Some of the trees are shaped like chess pieces, not sure what this one is.


The little hedges edging the beds are box and Japanese Holly.


This must be one of the finest collections of topiaries in the UK, or even wider afield,


Much as I enjoyed seeing them, it did rather leave me asking myself…


Why? What did they do it for, and how ever much work does it take to keep it going?

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'Catching the moment' is a way of life, like 'living in the moment', which has become important for me in recent years. Not easy to achieve, but always worth striving for. My photographs are just one example of how I try to do this. This blog is all about catching a moment in time, and sharing it with anyone who is interested.

One thought on “A 17th Century Garden”

  1. Maybe the topiary was about the idea of order over chaos, the need to control everything in case any wildness crept into their god-bothered lives! I’ve never been to Levens Hall, but its now on my long list of places to visit. Fab photos, as always. x

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