English Days

It was such a perfect time to visit the English Lake District


 Blossom was just freshly blooming


Breath-taking clouds of red tulips, and no sign of deer nibbles.


Ancient grave yards. Always a good source of blooms.


Dry stone walls covered in green moss and ivy, far older than we could imagine.


These walls make a good backdrop for planting.


Up on the moors with a good friend and promising weather; my idea of heaven

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'Catching the moment' is a way of life, like 'living in the moment', which has become important for me in recent years. Not easy to achieve, but always worth striving for. My photographs are just one example of how I try to do this. This blog is all about catching a moment in time, and sharing it with anyone who is interested.

2 thoughts on “English Days”

  1. Beautiful pics, as always. Have to say I’m just a weeny bit envious. I do miss the old stuff sometimes and my feet can remember that type of hike – nice track, good footing and absolutely no blackflies! Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures.

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