A 17th Century Garden

A visit to Levens Hall Gardens was like walking round an art or sculpture gallery. The topiary has over 100 shaped Yew trees.


Some of these bushes are 300 years old, and have remained the same since planting in the 1690’s.


Some of the trees are shaped like chess pieces, not sure what this one is.


The little hedges edging the beds are box and Japanese Holly.


This must be one of the finest collections of topiaries in the UK, or even wider afield,


Much as I enjoyed seeing them, it did rather leave me asking myself…


Why? What did they do it for, and how ever much work does it take to keep it going?

English Days

It was such a perfect time to visit the English Lake District


 Blossom was just freshly blooming


Breath-taking clouds of red tulips, and no sign of deer nibbles.


Ancient grave yards. Always a good source of blooms.


Dry stone walls covered in green moss and ivy, far older than we could imagine.


These walls make a good backdrop for planting.


Up on the moors with a good friend and promising weather; my idea of heaven


The challenge this week from The Daily Post Photo Challenge is about someone we admire. Hmmmm


I know exactly who I admire no end. The lovely lady on the right is someone who has been facing big health challenges in recent years. Her reaction to becoming ill was to write her Bucket List, and do every last thing on it, which she seems to have done. There is a lot to learn from people like her, people who decide to live every moment fully for the time they have left. Cheers for Ali, she gets my admiration!